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Making regulatory compliance easier for banks and financial institutions through sound and insightful guidance from senior compliance professionals, cutting edge compliance tools built on robust technologies and quality support to enhance the effectiveness of compliance frameworks

Independent and Insightful Advice

An independent advisory/consultancy platform that will provide timely and insightful guidance and support to navigate increasingly complex regulatory requirements and expectations.

Team of Seasoned Professionals

At your disposal is an experienced team of professionals combining several decades of experience around financial service regulations and related adherence frameworks.


Increasingly looking to harness technology that drives efficiency, leverages data, creates functional sophistication in Compliance processes.


Services We Provide

Regulatory Guidance

Insightful guidance and interpretation
of  regulations...

Compliance Support

We have created a platform to provide a one-stop, scalable, cost-efficient

Compliance Framework

Design and implementation of regulatory compliance...

Compliance Finishing School

The changing compliance landscape places an increasing and significant demands...

Compliance Technology & Tools

A holistic guidance cum workflow tool comprehensively covering the increasingly complex...

Compliance training support

We design, deliver and administer a structured, effective and ongoing...



Assistance in creating regulatory aligned structures and entities for launching new

Managing Compliance Through Technology

Compliance Matters, in association with KGISL (a global technology company offering information technology and business consulting services) is making life easier for banks and their compliance officers while navigating and complying with increasingly complex regulatory requirements and expectations. Our proven approach and the combined extensive industry experience bring to you, an innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient approach to manage and mitigate compliance risks. Our cutting-edge, technology-driven solution helps in managing complex compliance processes end to end, it is also a value-added service providing insightful and detailed guidance on ongoing changes to regulatory requirements and expectations.

A Compliance Management System

A cloud based digital application designed to provide automated workflows and enriched information feeds that will help our clients to stay abreast of regulatory changes, understand and implement the new/changing requirements in a timely and efficient manner, create a comprehensive and user friendly repository of regulatory requirements and communications, conduct ongoing monitoring, testing and assurance over the compliance relevant controls, assess on an ongoing basis the compliance risk trends and keep management and regulators updated through management information dashboards and need based reporting utility. It is currently configured for the universe of regulations in India that impact banks and financial institutions.

What Banks/Financial Institutions get from the service

Improved effectiveness and reduced cost of compliance

Better managed regulatory interface, reviews and remediation

Staying ahead of emerging compliance related risks

Effective compliance controls implementation

Substantial reduction in the manual/administrative overload

Improved assurance over effectiveness of the control framework

A Sanctions and AML software

A customizable Sanctions and AML software designed by Intellewings, in collaboration with Compliance Matters to simplify regulatory compliance in banks. It facilitates seamless onboarding and periodical due diligence of clients via compliant online processes and provides AI-powered, integrated solutions for Sanctions (including PEP) screening, Transaction monitoring, and Case Management. Serves as a holistic yet fully compliant AML operations support model that combines technology and process/operations by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.



Access the on-demand webinar to know more about:

 The changing roles of Compliance function Challenges in the dynamic regulatory environment How banks have responded to these challenges Technology in compliance – the way forward

More Webinar Coming Soon...



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February 2022

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January 2022

The framework to enable small value digital payments in Offline Mode has been issued by RBI for compliance by Authorised Payment System Operators (PSOs) and...

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About Us

Looking at an industry need (and an existing gap) for a credible and independent external advisor on regulatory compliance matters, Compliance Matters was launched as an independent Consultancy/Advisory on regulatory compliance to banks and other regulated financial service firms. The objective behind Compliance Matters is simply to make life easier for banks and their compliance officers while navigating and complying with increasingly complex regulatory requirements and expectations. Hence we look to be able to provide a whole host of support services that could range from providing sound and insightful advice, cutting edge compliance tools and reg-tech solutions to support services that lend scale to in-house compliance in all areas of designing, assessing and reviewing governance and control frameworks. Currently we are collaborating with a technology partner to launch a holistic guidance cum workflow tool comprehensively covering the Compliance process/lifecycle. The idea is to develop a solutions platform that will work across different regulatory requirements that requires ensuring compliance framework, controls, risk management, assurance, reviews and reporting. We are trying to assist some banks facing ongoing regulatory criticism/scrutiny to reassess, review and overhaul their adherence processes in key regulatory areas. We are now open to supporting in house risk and compliance functions across banks.


Arun Kamath

Arun Kamath, an accountant by training and an ex-banking regulator (~10 years with the Reserve Bank of India in various regulatory and supervisory roles), had spent the next two decades and more in two international banks in various country, regional and global Compliance roles.

As part of the Global Compliance Management of Deutsche Bank (until 2018) heading a global team, advising and helping management of risks around regulatory adherence and business conduct in the transaction/commercial banking business. Before that, as Asia Pacific Compliance Leader…

Mangesh Jadhav

A veteran banker with an expertise in matters pertaining to Regulatory Compliance, Financial Crime and Governance built up over 25 years across various banks including Citibank, Westpac, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered, ICICI and MUFG, supporting the Corporate and Retail Banking.

He counts among his accomplishments the integral role he played in strengthening the Compliance and Governance standards within the Bank as the Head of Regulatory and Financial Crimes Compliance and Board Member at Westpac Banking Corporation in India. As Vice President at Deutsche Bank…

Theresa Karunakaran

Theresa Karunakaran has a rich experience of over 36 years with the Reserve Bank of India and has worked in key areas specialising in regulation and supervision of banks, foreign exchange, and non-banking finance companies. 

She was a key member of the First International Team constituted by the Financial Stability Board to assess Bank of Mauritius compliance with Basel Core Principles. She has collaborated extensively nationally and internationally as a member of policy Working Groups in the RBI and as an RBI Representative in interactions with the Ministry of Finance and World Bank. Upon retiring as General Manager of RBI

Our Book of Work

Reviews and Assurance

  • Reviewing controls and compliance relating to regulatory reporting processes for a leading foreign bank in India to ensure their alignment with regulatory requirements and expectations, besides overall data integrity and accuracy
  • Reviewing FX transactional and booking processes and controls for effective compliance with regulatory requirements and rules, for leading foreign bank in India
  • Reviewing regulatory alignment, data integrity and process governance in certain key regulatory computational areas (RWA, CRILC, LCR, NDTL, etc) for a leading Indian bank
  • Reviewing customer grievance mechanisms for adherence with the regulatory requirements

Regulatory Guidance/ Advisory


  • Ongoing advisory assignments /retainerships with a cross section of bank, NBFC and fin-tech clients
  • Creating a user-friendly, repository of regulatory obligations for a foreign bank operating in India


  • Independent External Review to assess adequacy and efficacy of the Compliance functions for two banks with large networks of branches across India.

Design/Implementation of Controls Framework:

  • Designing and establishing a control framework including related policies and procedures for a SEBI regulated entity and an NBFC
  • Facilitating the set up of foreign exchange operations in India for a global financial institution

Regulatory Interface

  • Facilitating regulatory applications and interface in relation to obtaining required regulatory licences and providing guidance around the process and due diligences for a number of NBFC applicants
  • Partnering with 2 leading law firms to provide compliance advisory and facilitate appropriate regulatory interface for their corporate clients in relation to FEMA regulations

Compliance Tools

  • Advanced discussions with several foreign and leading local banks for installing and activating Breeze, the Compliance Management System in its entirety opr modules thereof
  • Implementation of the Intellewings AML Solution ongoing in a few local banks/FIs and discussions ongoing with several other banks for installation of individual modules thereof

Technology Partners

KGiSL is global IT services, consulting, & business solutions organization and a leader in Fintech solutions, partnering with some of the largest organization in their transformation journeys for over 25 years.

Scymes is a technology services, business, & knowledge processing outsourcing company providing end to end, value-added outsourcing solutions to Banks, NBFIs, IT majors & provides turnkey solutions across several domains.

IntelleWings offers the most innovative and intuitive tools to simplify Sanctions & Anti Money Laundering Compliance for eCommerce & BFSI, fully harnessing the power of AI & machine learning.

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